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Bits of activism

1) Gosh, it's quiet ...

Any libraries or librarians out there participating in the Internet Day of Silence? More info here. Short version: the Copyright Royalty Board has set rates for webcasting of music that many feel will stagger commercial webcasters and beggar small, non-profit webcasters (think of the web-based streaming and archived audio of your favourite college radio station) into shutting down entirely.

These teeming hordes request that you call your representatives and ask for a reprieve, via the Internet Radio Equality Act ...

2) Contact your senators via a free fax regarding REAL ID

The very short version: Congress debated having a national ID system. Many people take issue with the particular version that was passed in 2005, called The Real ID Act. Since then, a number of states have passed legislation rejecting REAL ID implementation. Now, there is a REAL ID provision in the current immigration bill.

EFF has quite a bit about it, and wants you to make a call ... but it's hard to get through because of all of the calls being left regarding copyright rates for music on the Internet (see above) -- but some activists have put together a website to send free faxes to your reps. So, if you're interested in this sort of thing ... pass it along.