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Philly news libraries update

From Poynter's:

Philly Papers' News Library Now Extra Lean

On Friday, some 100 people will be walking out from the newsrooms of the Knight Ridder-owned Philadelphia newspapers, the Inquirer and Daily News -- those who have accepted buy-out offers designed to reduce the staff. Among those taking the buy-outs will be two of five employees of the research department (library) that serves the papers' news staff.

There has been discussion and rumor in the last week that the library might be pretty much gutted -- reduced to a staff of two, with the survivors limited to archiving duties and reporters left to fend for themselves when they had research needs. But in a cost-cutting meeting held this afternoon, newspaper executives decided to accept the decision of two library staffers out of five to accept the buy-out offer, and retain the library in a reduced state, according to Fred Mann, general manager of the papers' website, Philly.com, who attended the meeting.