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Eeek ...

Well, it looks like the Archive is being sued. I have no other info than what's in the article ...


There's a lot of half-informed speculation on Slashdot.

It might have some useful tidbits, though.

There's a lot of speculation on Slashdot at 'http://yro.slashdot.org/yro/05/07/13/0527236.shtml?tid=95&tid=17'.

You might find interesting tidbits there...

Sadly, I'm not surprised. Publishers of information have always sought perfect control over distribution.

However, basing action on the failure of a robots.txt file seems exceptionally flimsy.

I hadn't ever thought of IA being useful for trademark violations though - really changes the nature of the violation if a page which was supposedly only available for one day is really available in perpetuity.

Much discussion and good comments at http://williampatry.blogspot.com/2005/07/way-back-machine-and-robotstxt.html. Pretty fascinating stuff, though I understand 15% maybe.

The big eek for me is I "have a past" with Health Advocate, not the plaintiff, but the defendant in the previous failed suit. My knowledge of legalese is stunted at best, but Health Advocates are good people; IA is good people. Good sometimes triumphs. I no longer have a hole in my heart.