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Seeking equilibrium and fireworks

I've been fighting a losing battle between trying to grok Grokster and recover from ALA Chicago simultaneously.

I still have an uncompleted draft of a post on the Grokster decision; I think I'm going to take another looksee around various librarian weblogs to see if what I want to say has already been said.

In the meantime, Chris Dodge, formerly of Hennepin Public Library and currently a librarian/columnist with Utne Magazine, has an article in the latest issue of Utne called Knowledge for Sale (also available as a PDF). Be aware that it isn't simply a warm fuzzy to libraries. Dodge takes issues with baffling and unintuitive LC subject headings, collection development prioritized mostly by popular demand (mercantile librarianship is what it was called in my CollMgmt class) and trophy library buildings popping up while older branches are closed or severely limited in accessibility and library workers are laid off. Some readers may find it pedantic and polemic; others thought-provoking and daring. I find it interesting because it ties so many current (and long-standing) trends in public libraries in one package. YMMV.

[Edit: Pfui! I knew I forgot something ... the "fireworks" in the header of this post refers to literal ones: for the American readers, have a Happy Fourth of July!]


You are not alone with the ungrokking of the Supremes decision. It does seem a mixed bag--but at least not a solid nononononever. I guess that's a good thing, though sometimes absolutes are easier. Happy fourth from a Live8/Elton John captive in Philly. I live just blocks from the Art Museum and the Parkway. I am just waiting for friends to arrive before joining the press of humanity. Let's hope the pressing has some effect. Amateur fireworks already started in the neighborhood last night. Good thing I am so tired!