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Google portal page?

There is a personal Google page up.

I wish I could say I screamed in a "Eddie Izzard's coming to town and I have tickets!!!!" way, but it was more of a "What do you mean someone has paid Paris Hilton to play a fictional character???" type of scream.

Then again, I was (para)professionally scarred by Lycos' migration from "very useful search engine" to "okay portal" to "screw this, I've heard this thing called Google". So, Google's portalesque activities tend to make me flinch a little, but that's my irrational paranoia. When I calm down, I will realize ... hey, that's nice. That's uncluttered. If I had a Gmail account, I'd sign up.

In the meantime, I'll be on the couch with some smelling salts and a fan ...


Would you like a gmail account, little librarian {leering}? Ask and ye shall receive. Meanwhile, I "personalized". Kind of confusing, as moi, I have multiple gmail accounts. Ends up as multiple portal personalities. Plus, it goes away and I'm back to the "classic" Google page in two or three clicks. Hmm. Don't know if I like it anyway--at work, I don't want non-work email boxes open on the screen; at home, I do. I know I am not the masses (has been made all too clear). But I will not be making it one of my home pages for now--I think I prefer the Firefoxie plug-in drop-down menu. But that, too, is subject to change.

I've gotten an invitation, but thank you very much ...

i kind of like it but i dont find use since i cant get a g-mail account