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Baa Ram Mu?

Are there any readers out there who are familiar with Beta Phi Mu? If so, what are the real-world benefits of the organization?

Thank you ...


Mainly resume fodder, though it did please my mother mightily. In my experience, the local chapters have yearly dinners. There's a national newsletter, but I lost them about six moves ago. There is apparently a meeting and lunch at ALA annual; I have never attended. Do not judge the organization too harshly by my experience. It seemed rather hokey, for lack of a better term, kind of like the National Honor Society. Maybe it was just that chapter? Maybe it has more meaning in academic libraries?

I asked the same question [http://www.librarytechtonics.info/archives/2005/05/benefits_to_bet.html] on my blog a little ways back, and the responses I received seemed to be much of the same: resume fodder. I'm not one to join an organization for the sake of joining, so for now, I'll pass. Since they do allow you 5 years from your original invitation to take them up on their offer, I figure I'll see if anything special happens between now and then...

The input is much appreciated ... thank you!