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Guilty pleasures

It's been 3 months out of academia for me. What do I miss from the Farm?

  • Definitely the people (and I haven't visited enough)
  • The collections
  • The lectures, fora and other programs
  • The easier commute (even outside of rush hour, my commute is 3X what it used to be [ 20 minutes, fastest time vs. 1 hr., fastest time])
  • Being on a college campus, even one without a pool hall or a pinball machine
  • The campus bookstore
  • Being able to see Rodins on my lunch hour

But I knew I would miss that stuff. What I did not expect to miss: OCLC's WorldCat.

Yes, I know there's millions of WorldCat records on Google and Yahoo, but it's not quite the same as getting it through FirstSearch. And, curmudgeon that I am, it's not like I didn't have issues with FirstSearch ... but it was very easy and rather streamlined and you could hop from record to record to record ... in a snap.

Yeah, I kinda miss Eureka, too, but from a GovDocs angle, I had more baggage with RLIN than OCLC (try searching for annual report as a Title word search via Z39.50 in RLG if you want to see why I have baggage).

You know, it's the little things ...

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