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SJSU Sliswiki

Hey! John Fink has set up a Wiki for SLIS at SJSU:

I am in the initial states of setting up a SLIS Wiki. A Wiki (see
) is basically a series of webpages editable by absolutely anyone with a web browser with no special software needed. Wikis have been used successfully on several websites, including the Wikipedia, which if you haven't checked it out yet you really should. Think of it as an collectively-developed FAQ that somehow works despite the apparent anarchy of the situation.

I set this up because I have informally been involved in the past with advising prospective students about library school issues. Hopefully it will become a useful tool for prospective, new and established students.

It can be found at http://sliswiki.primate.net. Note: I just set it up about an hour ago, so forgive the dust.