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King Library & weblogs

The Distance Learning Librarian for SJSU is exploring the use of weblogs for Distance Library Services at the King Library. Currently, the powers-that-are are looking for a student familiar with weblogs (from the aggregating and authorship aspects) as an intern to delve into this:

This practicum will explore the utility of weblog platforms for communicating with distance students about library services. Activities include:

literature review of the use of weblogs in libraries and in distance
interviewing of librarians who have published weblogs
development and testing of one or more weblogs
preliminary evaluation

How cool is that? Maybe by the time I get back from Atlanta, my alma mater's library will have its own blog up and running.


Maybe you should try to convince them they don't need an intern for the job, but a consultant who is an MLS and an experienced blogger with lots of contacts among other library bloggers (*nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*).

Say no more, say no more?

I am interested in the project, but I'm not sure how much I could do in Atlanta ... plus, who am I to take desperately needed credits from a poor struggling student?

Actually there are quite a lot of interesting practicums during summer. This blog thing, and Digitalizing image archives (I think Olga has signed up on that one). I *almost* hoped I would still be in school.

Hmph! A fellowship at NLM isn't glamourous enough for you?