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New READ poster

Again, from the LibrarianInBlack (I may end up owing her coffee at CLA this fall for stealing so much of her material):

I know there are many people agog over the Orlando Bloom READ poster, and honestly, it's nice.

But really ... this here English writer makes me go all weak about the various joints. Especially with that goatee ... *le sigh*


*oooh!* Justified. But your link for the Orlando Bloom poster you compare it to isn't working correctly, hon.

Frellin' frames.

It's fixed. Thank you.

NEIL!!! Gotta laugh at that goatee though, I've not seen him with that look before. He's always so brooding. :)

I interviewed him a couple of years ago, I was sweating bricks with nerves, but he was so wonderful and said lots of nice things about librarians too.