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Sci-fi author, EFF evangelist and copyright activist Cory Doctorow recently made a presentation about e-books at the2004 O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference, titled "Ebooks: Neither e nor books".

Note: it's a text file, and does not include any of the corresponding slides due to copyright issues. Also, it's fairly long, so prepare to do a lot of scrolling if you read it online. Cory dedicates it to the public domain, so feel free to propagate. His opinions are not necessarily the same or even similar to mine -- I don't give e-books much thought, so I don't have much of an opinion, period.

If e-books are your thang or your bane, enjoy ...


Fascinating -- and worth a read all the way through. (The irony of reading so much text on a screen about whether or not people like to read lots of text on a screen did not escape me.) He nails a lot of basics about human nature and technology (old or new) right on.

So, planning on writing any furry slash fiction based on Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom? :)

Oh, please don't go there.

Actually, I haven't read "Down and Out" yet. It might make me homesick for Southern CA.