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In other news:

I've been offered a 10-week internship in the news library of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I'd be stunned, but I'm rather caught up in my draft. It'll sink in soon ...

Wow. Getting a position (albeit extremely temporary) in the very occupation that I went to school for ... that's never happened to me before.

Anyone with tips on news librarianship, Atlanta or living in a place for more than 2 weeks but less than 6 months ... hit that Comment link. T'would be much appreciated. And I'll send you goo-goo clusters(?) from there.


Hey, I'm an Atlanta resident. A newbie still (a little more than a year) and not sure about where to find that short-term lease but I may be able to offer you a few tips on the city or a few restaurants you should definitely try out while you're here. Just send me an email.

Congratulations! You did done GOOOOOOOD!


A number of our Alumni (including my former office-mate) have gone on to Atlanta to work. LMK and I'll hook you up with a name and email (she's even in News libraries).


If you haven't already, subscribe to the newslib-l list, lots of excellent stuff there. Also perhaps stumpers-l because it won't be long before a journalist requires some piece of information that is totally incomprehensible :)

Brush up on your training techniques, it's a growing thing in news librarianship since the shift to value-added information (and the near-end of mediated database searching)

Have a fabulous time! News librarianship is wonderful and busy but you will love it.

Not a resident, but I have friends who live there...

Be prepared for Traffic! with a capital exclamation point, unless you live near one of the MARTA (Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit A-something) lines. Atlanta has assimilated many outlying small towns and cities.

Check the Creative Loafing magazine for lots of things to do and places to eat; however I do recommend Cia Gao (spelling may be off), a Vietnamese restaurant; there's also a restaurant in Cabbage Town which has great weekend breakfasts (Cabbage Town is, I think, off Moreland avenue?).

Other than that, keep your wits about you and you'll be fine, just like any other large city.

Thank you all so much for the advice!

Fiona, I'm a long-time lurker on Newslib-L, but it hadn't occurred to me to join STUMPERS-L. Thank you for the idea ... I'll subscribe sometime in April.

Tim: one of my Lewis Black CDs start with a huge rant about the traffic in Atlanta. I am prepared and will definitely try to find a sublet near a MARTA station. Thanks for the info about Creative Loafing. Cabbage Town sounds intriguing.

Jason, if I haven't emailed you already (my mid-term memory is kinda stuck in WWII right now), I will soon.

Eli, Great going! Best wishes on completing your thesis.