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The first entry is always that hardest. Which is why this is not really the first (but it is post-dated).

Welcome to my library blog. I have a personal one on LJ, but I wanted to do something a little different ... a little more thoughtful and professional. And it'll get me away from those darned LJ quizzes ...

The blog will cover my experiences in library school, my current paraprofessional work, and my gradual entry into the world of librarianship. I also hope to post fairly frequently about my professional interests:

News librarianship
Special librarianship
Intellectual freedom
Digital preservation (especially web archiving)
Copyright and copyright legislation
Library conferences
Internet technology in libraries
Professional and paraprofessional issues
Librarian pop culture

I'm likely to get silly, but I'll try very hard not to get off-topic. That's what's the personal blog is for, after all ...

In the meantime, I hope to provide food for thought and fodder for conversation.


Awesome, another news library fan. :-)

Thanks, Fiona! I've been a silent fan of yours for a while via LibraryUnderground. And your new blog is cool ...