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May 15, 2006

Bad librarian blogger, no biscuit

I've been very bad, mostly because I've been tied to a very short leash, school-wise. However, tomorrow is my last final of the year ...

As an illustration of how bad I've been: I forgot to vote in ALA election. I meant to. I meant to take a looksee at the candidates and figure out who I'd heard of previously and take a gander at the list of people running for Council. But the next thing I know, it's Tuesday after the election deadline and I never logged in even once. Dang.

I remember reading an American Libraries a month ago (although the mag itself may have been from Feb.) but darned if I remember anything I read in it. Dang.

I write all of this to emphasize that in about 36 hours, I'll be able to think about libraries for more than a second. Actually, I did do just that when I help put together this program last week, but there was no time for contemplation, really. (It was not well attended, but I think it was an interesting little program, if I do say so, myself).

But, my heart still belongs to libraries, and I hope to be more engaged. But in the meantime ... what have I missed from the world of librariana? Or the biblioblogosphere?